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question - The Sims 2 Object Creations

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Previous Entry question Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 03:29 pm Next Entry
hey there

this might sound silly, but i'm still not as experienced as most everyone else in The Sims 2

my question: i downloaded some outfits for men from a pay site, and i downloaded the mesh that went with the outfits, but when i'm in Body Shop or CAS, i don't find the clothes i downloaded...just a bunch of the exact same men's suit...i'm sure i downloaded the mesh, because i always make sure to look for meshes when i download stuff....so, could it be because Nightlife is required for those clothes to be used? i won't have Nightlife until after Christmas...right now i just have University...

i went back to the site where i downloaded those clothes and there was nothing in the description about Nightlife being required for use...what other problem would cause the same outfit to show up multiple times in my custom content?

also, i recently downloaded some new furniture styles and i swear i downloaded the mesh for those, too...but when those show up in my game they're bright blue shapes...does that mean i'm missing the mesh?

again, i'm sorry for my cluelessness

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