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The Sims 2 Object Creations

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Check out Sims2Wytch! Jan. 13th, 2007 @ 09:00 pm

im new. Sep. 4th, 2006 @ 11:41 pm
so first, let me apologize in advance for what i am about to ask.

it seems like i have been searching ALL NIGHT for this object, and i dont even know if it exists. basically, what i am looking for is the "happy baby" picture that used to be on cheapfrills.org for the sims 1, but for the sims 2. i only have family stuff and glamour stuff, but im dying for that picture from the first one!

thanks for any help you may be able to provide me.

ps: i also tried to use LJSEEK in the userinfo and it was down, and i suck bigtime at google.


Sims 2 Wytch Site Update!!! Aug. 28th, 2006 @ 08:33 pm
Automatic registration
easier adult access
Registered users can submit their stuff and much more!!!
The new site is not completely ready but you can log in and register.
Just go to http://members.shaw.ca/Sims2Wytch/

Current Available Downloads

· WWSpikes(AAF)
· WWLongDreads(AAF)
· WWLouisRoyoPaintings
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· WWTileWalls&Floors-(Ti)
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· WWBrownStoneWalls&Floors-(BnSt)
· WWBlueStoneWalls&Floors-(BuSt)
· WWGreyStoneWalls&Floors-(GySt)
· WWGreenStoneWalls&Floors-(GnSt)
· WWBlackStoneWalls&Floors-(BkSt)
· WWYellowStoneWalls&Floors-(YlSt)
· WWRitualCircleFloors-(RitCir)
· WWLngWaveHair(AAF)
· WWWaveHairMaxis(AAF)
· WW HeadDresses/Circlets (AAU)
· WWEarrings & Necklaces(AAF)
· WWWifebeater(MA)
· WWStraplessTops(FA)
· WWGloveTurtle(FA)
· WWXSxyTops(FA)
· WWNetLongSleves(FA)
· WWNetCrops(FA)
· WWHalterTops2(FA)
· WWHalterTops(FA)
· WWSweaters(FA)
· WWTightTops(FA)
· WWGloveTops(FA)
· WWFlairMinis(FA)
· WWLongSkirts(FA)
· WWCargoPants(FA)
· WWSkirtsWithHeels(FA)
· WWZipSkirts(FA)
· WWBootSkirts(FA)
· WWCargoMan(MA)
· WWDressPants(MA)
· WWSlantXMinis(FA)
· WWAsianSlave(FA)
· WWSlaveDress(FA)
· WWSlave(FA)
· WWMystique(FA)
· WWDressXShoe(FA)
· WWKinkWytches(FA)
· WWRobes(FA)
· WWWytchRobes(FA)
· WWLprdBootMini(FA)
· WWMatrixCoats(MA)
· WWRomeos(MA)
· WWKilt(MA)
· WWLeopardSuits(MA)
· WWChestSuit(MA)
· WWCapriCasuals(FA)
· WWGloveGowns(FA)
· WWDiamondDress(FA)
· WWXLeopardDress(FA)
· WWHalterDress(FA)
· WWGothDress(FA)
· WWOrientDresses(FA)
· WWBra-Panties(FA)
· WWTFulNighties(FA)
· WWT+Breif(FA)
· WWTeddy(FA)
· WWNightGowns(FA)
· WWTeddyLaceBotm(FA)
· WWSxyLngPjs(FA)
· WWSxyTeddy(FA)
· WWStrgBikinis(FA)
· WWOnePieces(FA)
· WWVelveTeeKini(FA)
· WWHaltBikini(FA)
· WWSwimOpenBack(FA)
· WWFlyWrkOuts(FA)
· WWMaxisWorkout(FA)
· Sims_1_walls__floors_by_WytchWhisper
· Rips from dead sites
Wytchwhisper @ sims2wytch

Sims2Wytch ADS May. 29th, 2006 @ 06:19 am
Hey Guys, 

I've made 2 new banners for my site please feel free to use them. Here they are:)

The ones on my site under ADS don't have the LJ border around them. cheers;)

Wytchwhisper @ Sims2Wytch

Sim Mood: artistic

Feb. 13th, 2006 @ 08:05 pm
Hello everyone. I'm looking for some custom items for Sims 2. I have the university expansion pack. Basically what I'm looking for (don't laugh) is anything from Star Trek. I have a warp core, a captain's chair, a few consoles and a desktop computer. I'm looking for anything else. My ultimate goal is to make both the Bridge and Engineering from Voyager. Thanks in advance for anything
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» (No Subject)
i DLed a bunch of things from modthesims.
problem? is they are all .package files; for some reason i cannot open this type of file, and so far have been unsuccessful in DLing a prog that will.

.iff files go into my game no problem.

anyway, i have two questions; the one of course being either help with converting my .package files into .iff files- anyone know an easy to load prog or be willing to change some files for me?

and also i have scads of requests for things. who loves loves loves to make items? let us come together right away! >:)
» question
hey there

this might sound silly, but i'm still not as experienced as most everyone else in The Sims 2

my question: i downloaded some outfits for men from a pay site, and i downloaded the mesh that went with the outfits, but when i'm in Body Shop or CAS, i don't find the clothes i downloaded...just a bunch of the exact same men's suit...i'm sure i downloaded the mesh, because i always make sure to look for meshes when i download stuff....so, could it be because Nightlife is required for those clothes to be used? i won't have Nightlife until after Christmas...right now i just have University...

i went back to the site where i downloaded those clothes and there was nothing in the description about Nightlife being required for use...what other problem would cause the same outfit to show up multiple times in my custom content?

also, i recently downloaded some new furniture styles and i swear i downloaded the mesh for those, too...but when those show up in my game they're bright blue shapes...does that mean i'm missing the mesh?

again, i'm sorry for my cluelessness

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» New Community ...
I do not know if this is breaking the rules or not ...

But, I have some new communities I would like everyone to join.

If this is breaking the rules just tell me and I will delete the entry ... I just didn't know how else to get the word out. I do not want to be band from any communities ... I did read through the rules. I am sorry again if this is not okay.

http://www.livejournal.com/community/fallenforsarah/ - A Sarah McLachlan Community

http://www.livejournal.com/community/shesawildone_lj/ - A Faith Hill Community

http://www.livejournal.com/community/sims2fanatics/ - A Sims 2 Community
» Sims2WytchArchives!
I know that yahoo has a cap which they put on group traffic so to make your and my lives easier I have come up with an Archive for all my Groups.
Consider this a mirror site to my groups. As I create I will put my new stuff in the groups and any older files will be available in the archive only. There will be times with the archive that you may not be able to download content therefore I recommend you still consider the "groups" as your primary destination. I am in the process of building a site but I'll be frank it may take a while. so in the meantime you have the groups and the archive hope this helps.

» (No Subject)
How do you share sim photo's online?
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