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Introducing Myself Oct. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:26 am

I'm new here just thought I'd touch base with everyone. Thanks for being such a great group, really informative:) Here is what I create if anyone is interested:


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Free Downloads Oct. 17th, 2005 @ 03:09 am
I had my site start out as a pay membership type deal ... but people don't like that too much. I have decided to make my Sims 2 site 100% free. I am asking for donations to keep the site running and whatnot, as most sites do, but the downloads are all free now. Please go visit, use the forum, email me, sign the guestbook, download like crazy, and please please if you can donate. Don't underestimate $1.00 either. When I go over my monthly bandwidth or run out of gigs due to the amount of files on the site it will be that money I have to use. If no one helps there will be no more S2F. Thanks and enjoy.

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Story Updates Sep. 10th, 2005 @ 06:01 pm
The Banks Family & The Doc Family have some story updates ... more coming on a daily basis ...


Sep. 10th, 2005 @ 02:54 pm
remember when the Vacation expansion pack came out for Sims 1 and it included that nice fun slide for the pool?

any idea if there are/will be any available for Sims 2? the diving board gets boring after awhile, ya know?

My Sims 2 Stories ... Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm

I have one neighborhood going right now Urban Oasis.

You can follow all the families in that neighborhood through it's livejournal by going to it's friends section ... OR ... you can just go to each families individual livejournals:

1.) The Banks'

2.) The Bunks'

3.) The Doc's

4.) The Hart's

5.) The Lee's

6.) The Martin's

7.) The Mire's

8.) The Morris'

9.) The Raye's

10.) The Zinger's

I will not update each family every day, but I will update often. I thought this was a much easier way to tell the tale of Sims families. I will blog their lives just as I would my own. You can go to each families journal if you like one more than the other, but there is a much easier way. I would just bookmark the neighborhood's journal. That way when any new entries are done you'll see that in the friends section. Remember these livejournals are done just like ours so the newer blogs are on top. If you don't want to be lost make sure to read back through all the old blogs. I would even start at blog number one. I just started these houses and stories so now is a great time to start. Enjoy!

Oh, and make sure to leave comments for each family (good or bad) :o)!

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» Sims 2 Site ...

» (No Subject)
hey im new. ive played the sims since the orginal one. whats some good sims2 sites to download .exe objects? for some reason i cant get any of the unzipped objects into the game.
» Why didn't I think of this before?
Huh. I never thought of joining a sims community on LJ. *facepalm*

Well here I am! My first community! Yay! I'm not a newbie to the sims...been doing it since the original 1, but never joined a community for it until now.

So hi all!

Um...I haven't made anything for the sims2...too complicated for me and plus I'm a bit lazy and it's effort yadda to make stuff. I get into these moods though where I like to learn and I start to learn how to make stuff...I did that a lot for the Sims 1. But the sims2...haven't gotten to the mood where I want to learn to create my own stuff. One day maybe...

But until then...I have a lot of other user created objects and they're fun!

That's all.


» (No Subject)
Hi there.

I've just recently started playing my Sims 2 game (I can't seem to get away from 1). I love the first Sims a lot, mostly because of all the hacked objects I found to allow my Sims to have sex with each other. :-)

I'm a pervy Sim player, I admit it. Does anyone know if there are any hacks out there yet that allow the Sims 2 people to have sex with each other?

Any answers would be appreciated. :-D

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» (No Subject)
i'm new and i just wanted to tell you all about my new sims 2 community.It just all about sims games and it just where u don't have loads of rules to flow or anything like everyother sim Communities .So then u r not busy have a look _simz_2_
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